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Surgical Institute of Michigan.


Knee Replacement can help you get back to doing the things you love. Pain, osteoarthritis, and limited mobility interfere with daily life, but many people think relief is out of their reach. The Surgical Institute of Michigan gives patients access to high quality, safe care that is affordable. Our highly-trained surgeons have performed numerous knee replacement surgeries over the years and utilize the latest techniques. In fact, the Surgical Institute of Michigan was the first in the state to offer knee replacement as an outpatient procedure. Most of our knee replacement patients go home after just six hours. However, care doesn’t end when patients leave our facility. We keep in touch with patients throughout their recovery, even helping coordinate physical therapy, to ensure their knee replacement is a success.


Vasectomy Reversals are an effective, affordable way to restore a man’s fertility. Sometimes life changes and a new relationship comes along. A vasectomy reversal can restore a man’s ability to father a child approximately six weeks after the procedure. Though the actual surgery only takes about two hours, a vasectomy reversal is a challenging procedure. That’s why it is important to choose a surgeon and surgery center that are experienced with vasectomy reversals and will treat you as an individual. The Surgical Institute of Michigan’s skilled surgeons and compassionate staff have helped many men restore their fertility without the long wait times and high costs typically encountered at a hospital.


Our facility is fully equipped and our eminent physicians skilled to perform the latest spinal surgery procedures, ensuring you receive excellent care with great outcomes. The Surgical Institute of Michigan Spinal surgeons can perform the newest procedures including the Superion System for treating spinal stenosis to the placement of spinal stimulators, laminecotmy and fusion. These spinal procedures along with spinal injections can help you quickly return to your normal lifestyle. The Surgical Institute of Michigan offers easy access and affordable care.